International PhD tuition fees

Frequently Asked Questions for Current Students

The change to the tuition rate will be effective September 2018 for all full-time international PhD students.

Overtime students will continue to pay the approved discounted tuition rate. See current discounted tuition rates online.

This change to tuition rates for full time PhD students is intended to be ongoing. 

As of March 1, the change still requires the approval of the Board of Governors, but if so approved the change will be for the duration of the degree.

Your tuition will be automatically adjusted for September 2018. If your tuition assessment is not as expected, please visit the student accounts office in August or September 2018.

Only the tuition for International PhD students will be affected. No Masters fees (including research Masters) will change. View McMaster tuition rates.

Any TA commitment in your offer will continue to be honoured. The total support package value in excess of tuition will be preserved, so your total take-home amount will remain the same.

Your Visa/Immigration Status is not affected by this change. You will continue being covered under UHIP as in previous years. You are responsible for payment and ensuring that all UHIP fees on your account are correct. If something is wrong, please email

This new initiative will affect all international PhD students at McMaster starting in September 2018 and is intended to be in effect for the remainder of their studies. As such, funding arrangements will be adjusted to accommodate the reduction in tuition. The total support package value in excess of tuition will be preserved and your total take-home amount will remain the same.

The tuition decrease does not affect your eligibility to hold an Ontario Trillium Scholarship, Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral or an International Ontario Graduate Scholarship. Those awards are based on your immigration status and not your tuition fees.

The eligibility for most awards is based on immigration status. This eligibility criterion remains unchanged.

Eligibility is based on immigration status. This criterion remains unchanged and so international PhD students are not eligible for the general bursary program.

Eligibility for OSAP is based on immigration status. This criterion remains unchanged and so international PhD students are not eligible for OSAP.

Frequently Asked Questions for Incoming Students


You will receive a revised offer of admission noting an adjustment to the tuition fee. There may be changes to the funding arrangements described in your original offer. You will receive a new offer letter before April 1, 2018

Press Release

Lowering tuition for international PhD students, improving research environment

Release Date: Monday, March 5, 2018

McMaster is implementing a comprehensive international PhD student strategy that improves the research environment, lowers tuition and enhances the mix of funds available for students.

“There is strong demand for McMaster around the world,” says Doug Welch, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies. “This new approach allows us to continue to attract the very best international PhD students while maximizing the value and impact of research grants and research productivity.”

The new McMaster approach lowers the tuition paid by international PhD students to levels paid by domestic students. At the same time, the changes will free up funds to help invest in research group strength and activities, and to encourage collaboration with colleagues around the world.

McMaster has chosen to maximize the research environment and to further intensify Canada’s most research intensive university. The changes also provide researchers, departments and Faculties with greater flexibility and freedom when designing support packages for PhD students.

“Our goal is to continue to attract the best and brightest from around the world,” says Maureen Macdonald, Dean of Science. “This new approach will mean McMaster will continue to be a top choice for the next generation of leading researchers.”

The benefits of these changes extend beyond campus. Approximately half of international graduate students choose to become permanent residents or citizens once they complete their studies and contribute to the local, provincial and national economies.

Current international PhD students will continue to receive the same total support package in excess of tuition. The mix of scholarship and research grant contributions for those students will change for the academic year beginning this fall and students will receive their annual schedule of payments early in September.

International PhD applicants who have recently received an offer of admission will soon receive an updated letter with new details.

The new strategy will be presented for Board of Governors approval this spring.