Competition Schedule

Please note: Competitors will not be presenting in the order listed here.

All heats take place in the Concert Hall in LR Wilson Hall on McMaster's main campus. Competitors must be at the Concert Hall and registered no less than 30 minutes before their Preliminary Heat is scheduled to begin.

Heat 1, 9 am, March 18

Name Title Faculty

Heat 2, 11 a.m., March 18

Name Title Faculty

Heat 3, 1 p.m., March 18

Name Title Faculty

Heat 4, 3 p.m., March 18

Name Title Faculty

Heat 5, 8:30 a.m., March 19

Name Title Faculty

Heat 6, 10:30 a.m., March 19

Name Title Faculty

2019 Competitors

Heat 1, March 13, 9 a.m.

Name Title Faculty
 Carley Ouellette  A SMArTVIEW for Nursing: Feasibility and scope of a unique nursing role within a remote automated monitoring and virtual recover  Health Sciences
 Diego Fernando Valencia  Timing your Magnets for a Sustainable Future  Engineering
 Enamul Haque  Consistency in Multidimensional Data Model  Engineering
 Eric Eveleigh  Do You Feel Safe?  Engineering
 Erica Dao  Where Does Cancer Begin?  Science
 Gary Wong  Lead and Radiation: A Dangerous Combination  Science
 Hojjat Mohammadi Improvements in bone fracture and Biomedical Engineering  Engineering
 Jhalok Ronjan Talukdar  Deferred consent in pediatric emergency research  Health Sciences
 Mehrshad Kafi  Incomplete Encryption for Complete Protection!  Engineering
 Pablo Mendoza  Making Cardiac Surgery Safer  Health Sciences
 Paria Kargar Samani Towards Safter X-rays  Engineering
 Robert Rawlins  The Case for Extended Tree Pits in Hamilton, Ontario  Engineering
 Sepehr Manochehry  Developing Colourimetric Biosensors for Urinary Proteins  Health Sciences
 Shane Taylor  Potential Protein in the Cure Against Parkinson's Disease  Science
 Shawn Hercules  Breast cancer: the racial divide  Science
 Sulayman Lyons  Fats for Fuel: How Deer Mice Keep Warm at High Altitude  Science

Heat 2, March 13, 11 a.m.

Name Title Faculty
 Bryor Snefjella  Words in the Wild  Humanities
 Emily FitzGerald  Employment: Bridging the Gap  Health Sciences
 Esther Hutten  Make Steel Strong Again  Engineering
 Eva Mueller  Building a new life, layer-by-layer  Engineering
 Frederick Morfaw  Misoprostol in preventing postpartum haemorrhage  Health Sciences
 Ish Jain  Negative regulators of vulva development in nematodes  
 Jiarun Wei  Use viruses to activate immune response against cancer  Health Sciences
 Julian Yabut  Fighting Obesity with Fat  Health Sciences
 Kayla Lucier  "This is what we’ve lost": Listening to Experiences of Living with a Drinking Water Advisory  Health Sciences
 Kianoosh Koocheki  Universe in a Brick  Engineering
 Margaret Boyce  Inuit Art Catalogues as Effective Occupation: The Aesthetics of Canadian Arctic Sovereignty.   Humanities
 Maria Alejandra Rey Rincon  Designing better diagnostic tests for colorectal cancer  Health Sciences
 Mohammed Mahdi  The Integrated Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment  Engineering
 Patricia Kitala  Dead at Birth: Kidney Disease  Health Sciences
 Rashik Ahmed  Profiling the Suspects of Alzheimer's Disease  Health Sciences

Heat 3, March 13, 1 p.m.

Name Title Faculty
 Ahmed Al-Jaishi  Personalizing the hemodialysis machine temperature: Impact on cardiovascular outcomes  Health Sciences
 Ahmed Doghri  Internal Combustion Engines  Engineering
 Ahmed Elsayed Conventional suspended growth systems Vs. Innovative attached growth systems in wastewater treatment  Engineering
 Andrew Singh A Site for Sore Eyes  Engineering
 Arash Fattahi Functionalized carbon nanostructures in environmental monitoring  Engineering
 Emily Sirotich Clinical Guidelines for Immune Thrombocytopenia: Generating Evidence Using a Stepped Wedge Design  Health Sciences
 Joanna Cunanan  Quercetin as a Novel Treatment for Developmental Abnormalities of the Kidney  Health Sciences
 Matthew Campea  So Sweet: Using Sugars to Improve Cancer Treatment  Engineering
 Mitchell Kurnell  SHARCs: a Better Way to Inspect Reactors  Engineering
 Sarah Sandor  The Tale of Mushrooms and Insects: Living Together, Changing Together  Science
 Shuwen Qian  Colorectal Cancer, Stool, and DNAzyme  Health Sciences
 Yechan Kim  Let's ALL take a deep breath  Health Sciences
 Yu Huang  Detect Duplicates through Meanings  Engineering
 Zachery Dickson  Complex Expression of Low Complexity Proteins  Science

Heat 4, March 13, 3 p.m.

Name Title Faculty
 Ali Awais Amin  Eco-Pen by EcoP   Engineering
 Alim Lila  "Statelessness" and the Struggle for Recognition: An Inquiry into the Rohingya  Social Sciences
 Geneva Smith  Emotion Engine   Engineering
 Hanna Haponenko  There's a wasp on my windshield! Oh no... Did I just miss the exit?  Science
 Larissa Taylor  Hearing the music  Engineering
 Madeline Simpson Unconventional Delivery of Antipsychotic Drugs  Engineering
 Mila Bjelica Cycling to recovery: Can exercise BOOST the immune system of children with leukemia?  Health Sciences
 Musa Al-hassy  What does it mean to package things together?  Engineering
 Sarah Daisy Kosa  Cost and Consequences in Hemodialysis Vascular Access  Health Sciences
 Sepehr Bayat  How does Voice AI change life?!!!  Engineering
 Sreekant Damodara  Microfluidic Device for Rapid Diagnostics  Engineering
 Sumit Majumder  Walking ‘speaks’!  Engineering
 Yangliu Dou  AI Dream  Engineering

Heat 5, March 14, 8:30 a.m.

Name Title Faculty
 Abdulellah Hbbani  Cutting two metals at once  Engineering
 Adam Harman  Effect of elevated embryonic incubation temperature on the temperature preference of juvenile Lake Whitefish  Science
 Biban Gill  Your Exposure, Your Health  Science
 Brendan Sullivan  How you can cut your yearly energy bill in half  Engineering
 Cameron Oud  High Strength Aluminum Alloys in Vehicle Structures: Shedding Weight and Gaining Muscle  Engineering
 Chantel Millar  Maximizing our Earth's Potential: Thermal Energy Storage  Engineering
 Daniela Dering de Lima Silva  Optimization of Steel Production  Engineering
 Dhanyasri Maddiboina  Viruses assemble! Superheroes in the fight against infections  Engineering
 Gil Niessen  Locating the Queer: Analyzing the Advertising of Pride Toronto's Corporate Sponsors  Humanities
 John Krzeczkowski  Brain changes in infants of women receiving cognitive behavioural therapy for postpartum depression  Health Sciences
 Jorge Sanchez-Perez  Should justice be global? Building a Global Theory of Justice  Humanities
 Kevin Kim Common Diseases: Uncommon Ground  Health Sciences
 Kevin Wyszatko  Radiolabelled anti-CD133 antibodies for imaging and ablation of Cancer Stem Cells  Science
 Rhea Desai  Zapping Cancers with Modern Radiotherapies: Are we truly protecting healthy tissues?  Science
 Sophia Emerson  Bringing the Lab to You: Low Cost Sensors for Monitoring Water and Food Quality  Engineering
 Tuyen Le Is it all in their heads? Can clumsy children be encouraged to perform better on exercise tests?  Health Sciences
 Vincent Huynh Immunoengineering the brain: Injecting an immune system to combat brain cancer  Science

Heat 6, March 14, 10:30 a.m.

Name Title Faculty
 Ali Babar  Breathing Through Barriers: Intranasal Drug Delivery to the Brain  Engineering
 Aquib Azhar  FPGA Accelerator for CNNs  Engineering
 Chelsea Whitwell  What sentence repetition and reading can tell us about human machinery for language acquisition  Humanities
 Hannah Stacey  Your Friendly Neighbourhood Neutrophil  Health Sciences
 Indranil Sarkar  Creating Porous Carbon Materials From Polyasccharides  Engineering
 Inna Ushcatz  Does Exercise Protect us Against Invaders?  Health Sciences
 Japteg Singh  The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyles Program  Health Sciences
 Jonathan Mapletoft  Going Viral: Infection and Inflammation Impacts ALS  Health Sciences
 Kai Groves  Multi-physics Code Coupling for CANDU  Engineering
 Megan Vierhout  Hitting the Bullseye: Target Identification in Fibrotic Lung Disease  Health Sciences
 Melih Yayli  Sound Processing in the Brainstem: How the Brain Makes Sense of What We Hear  Engineering
 Nicholas Simard Finally! An Objective Way to Diagnose Concussion  Engineering
 Sai Sumithra Voora  Does the subject matter, matter?  Humanities
 Samantha Caetano  Number-phobia in Research  Science
 Sarah Duignan  Water is Life: Holistic Approaches to Indigenous Health  Social Sciences

2018 Competitors

Heat 1

Name Title Faculty
Himeshi Samarasinghe Fifty four shades of Cryptococcus neoformans Science
Saad Ahmed Cryptocurrency Passive Index Funds Performance Business
Sepehr Manochehry Development of Aptamer-Based Biosensors for Detection of Urinary Cancer Biomarkers Health Sciences
Arooj Ahmed Qureshi Brain has a lot to say! Engineering
Sandi Azab Fetal Programming: Can thousands of samples tell a true story? Science
Bushra Ilyas Hide and Seek: A survival strategy for bacteria during infection Health Sciences
Smriti Shyamal Real-time Energy Management Engineering
Jillian Halladay The HIGH and the Lows Health Sciences
Natalie D'Silva The Changing Of A Beast Science
Chelsey Hurst Blood Batteries Science
Nicola Muzzin Engineering a New Material to Regrow Skin Engineering
Sheereen Harris Decisions, decisions... Science
Eilish Scallan Health Behind Bars Health Sciences
Shawn Hercules Race and Breast Cancer - is there a link? Science
Leticia Monteiro Goncalves Making Better Solar Cells Engineering
Sam Peter Solar Windows: The Clear Alternative Engineering
Erica Dao What does cancer look like? Science

Heat 2

Name Title Faculty
Fariha Mahmood A Material That Computes with Light Science
Karen Campbell Delivering a Health Equity Intervention in Rural Canada Health Sciences
Kevin De France Bridging the gap: Designing scaffolds for muscle tissue engineering Engineering
Ali Zhang Two is Better than One: Combining Antibodies and Drugs to Fight Influenza Health Sciences
Farhad Sadeh Entrepreneurial Signaling Business
Tharshika Sugumaran Diabetes Coaching Health Sciences
Kaitlin East Stress, Death and Dying Social Sciences
Tsz Wing Cheung Fukushima: How Safe is Safe Enough? Science
Sookie Bardwell In This Together: Self and Community Care for Sustainable Social Change Work Humanities
Wade Genders Less Scripting, More Improv: Teaching a Traffic Signal Controller How to Act Engineering
Janelle Panday Life, interrupted: Perspectives of Inpatient Rehabilitation after Acquired Brain Injury Health Sciences
Kathryn Benincasa Seeing with Fly Eyes Science
Dawson Bonneville Smaller, Faster, Cheaper Engineering
Eva Mueller Smart Materials for Drug Delivery Engineering
Maneet Chahal The Black Cloud Health Sciences
Akiv Jhirad The Effects of Electrical Stimulation on Loss of Bone Mass Engineering
Pereya Kulasegaram "Whether I want to or not it's my duty": Bereaved South Asian Caregivers Health Sciences
Mitchell Robson Nanowires: Bringing Colour to Infrared Engineering

Heat 3

Name Title Faculty
Paul Tallon Smarter Not Harder Engineering
Marya Kayyal Antibiotics in Early Life: From Gum to Bum to Socially Numb Health Sciences
Kevin Wyszatko Simplifying the Conjugation of Imaging and Therapeutic Probes to Cancer-Tareting Antibodies Science
Duaa Alaroui The Present Status of Breast Cancer: How Can We Expedite Treatment? Science
Valentina Antonipillai Cruel and Unusual Treatment: The Reality of Refugee Healthcare Health Sciences
Roxy Chen Fighting Inflammation with Fitness Health Sciences
Yoel Emun Exhausted Materials Engineering
Yangliu Dou Intelligent Vehicle Engineering
Silvana Choo Measurement Matters in Rehabilitation Health Sciences
Tamana Yousof PHLDA1, an important factor for liver to live better Health Sciences
Andrey Goussev Small Scale Saviours Engineering
Maryam Alizadeh Cool it Directly to Shrink it Engineering
Tamara Rosner Why Feeling That You Know Can Hurt How Much You Know Science
Julian Yabut A Link Between Mast Cells and Serotonin: The Fat Truth Health Sciences
Kushal Panchal Finding a Match and How to Relax: A Polymer Story Engineering
Michael Tucker Certainty in Safety: Improving Simulations of Nuclear Reactors Engineering
Miriam Karrel Death Denied or Death Revived: Exploring Death Positivity Through Death Cafés Social Sciences
Sara Makaremi Aged Immune Cells Engineering

Heat 4

Name Title Faculty
Aliyeh Rafiei  High Manganese Steels: A Green Option for Automotive Industry  Engineering
Sujane Kandasamy  Can tailored knowledge enhancement help mums and their bubs?  Health Sciences 
Jason Cohen  Bridging the Gap Between Low & High Dose Radiation for Better Medical Practices and Sustianable Energy  Science 
Armagan Ozbilge  Donate More to Earn More  Business
Steven Mancini  Enhancing the Aging Brain  Health Science 
Hilary Caldwell  Falling in Love with Physical Activity  Science
Farzad Foroutan  Microwave Imaging - The Future of Cancer Detection  Engineering
Sreekant Damodara  Miniaturized protein separation  Engineering 
Kevin Lacaille  The most luminous galaxy in the Universe  Science 
Michelia Alba  TItanic: The Huge Impact of the Smallest Particle  Engineering 
Sameen Ateeq  Using Machine Learning Algorithms for Population Health Insights  Business
Pedrum Mohammadi-Shemirani  Nature's randomized clinical trial  Health Sciences
Kate Kennedy  Prenatal programming by messages from maternal microbes during pregnancy  Health Sciences
Maysara Ghaith  Probabilistic Hydrological Forecasting  Engineering

Heat 5

Name Title Faculty
Panthea Pouramin Broken Bones and Broken Lives Health Sciences
Daina Stanley Dying Behind Bars: End of Life and Hospice Care in Prison Social Sciences
Monique Stuive What's in a bone? The fluorine story. Science
Brian Jamieson From Grey to Green: Connecting Steel Research with Automobile Emission Reduction Engineering
Samantha Caetano Which number should you trust? Science
Seyed Yousef Tabatabaei Majd Inclusions modification in automotive steel Engineering
Ahmed Doghri A Smarter Fault Detection and Diagnosis System Engineering

Samuel Norris

Focused Ion Beam Nanophotonics Engineering
David Hare Quirks of Innate Antiviral Defense Health Sciences
Jasprit Pannag Taking the shock out of shock therapy: Pre-implantation education for implantable cardioverter defibrillator patients Health Sciences
Chandula Fernando The Role of Social Capital in Community Resilience to Nuclear Emergencies Science
Saurabh Shaw From brain networks to modulating behaviour Health Sciences
Matthew Berry Scientifically Quantifying the Craft of Acting Science
Sawayra Owais Sleep easy, the baby is in the nursery? Health Sciences

2017 Competitors

  1. Gautham Krishnaraj 
  2. Denver Brown
  3. Michelle Ogrodnik
  4. Sophie Wilkinson
  5. Tsz Wing Cheung
  6. Alanna Smolarz
  7. Matthew Berry
  8. Nourhan Shalaby
  9. Ming Li
  10. Tiffany vanLieshout
  11. Wade Genders
  12. Bryan Wu


Name Title Faculty
 Akram Alyass  Snowball Obesity Genes Science
 Denver Brown Brain Drain: The Influence of Mental Fatigue on Physical Activity  Science
 Elizabeth Perrez  That gut feeling: a bacterial basis to anxiety?  Health Sciences
 Emily Day  Targeting AMPK to treat Athersclerosis  Health Sciences
 Gautham Krishnaraj  Nothing Left to Offer  Health Sciences
 Fran Lasowski  Improving Drug Delivery to the Eye  Engineering
 Kezhuan Gu  Phosphorus Oxidation: Nano Scale to Mega Scale        Engineering
 Michelle Orgrodnik          Sweat so you don't forget: How exercise breaks during learning can enhance memory  Science
 O'Llenecia Sauvé  The Placenta and the Power Packs  Health Sciences
 Pam Lahey  Welfare to work: the employment trajectory of social assistance recipients with mental illness  Health Sciences
 Shaiya Robinson  Kaiso gets gutsy" - finding a role for Kaiso in Inflammatory Bowel Disease"  Science
 Shawn Hercules Race and Brest Cancer - is there a link?  Science
 Sherald Sanchez  Desperate Migration Has A Woman's Face  Health Sciences
Susie Son Understanding Huntington's Disease: The Huntingtin-HMGB1 Buddy System  Health Sciences


Name Title Faculty
Alanna Smolarz Snakes, Snow, and Surviving the Canadian Winter Science
Erin Cole Preventing Concussions Before They Happen – Does Neck Strength Predict Injury Risk Health Sciences
Hao Li Coordination of Distributed Model Predictive Controls (MPCs) with Closed-loop Dynamic Real-time Optimization (DRTO) Engineering
Hudson Reddon How to 'Fight' our Obesity Genes Health Sciences
Kathryn Benincasa Seeing the Bigger Picture Science
Marko Arezina Limiting Landing Gear Noise Engineering
Maryam Pandi Seeing, Hearing and Feeling the Road Science
Pedrum Mohammadi A Better Blood Test for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Health Sciences
Ryan Rolick The power of stream temperature Science
Sepher Manochehry Rapid on-site monitoring of cancer indicators found in urine Health Sciences
Sophie Wilkinson Boreal Burning and the Sphagnum Super Moss Science
Tarushika Vasanthan The Tale of the Hibernating Water Bear Science
Tsz Wing Cheung Lead Poisoning is Everywhere Science


Name Title Faculty
Matthew Berry The Science of Acting Science
Gautham Krishnaraj Nothing Left to Offer Health Sciences
Kiran Ali Disruption, recovery and resilience of critical infrastructure Business
Nicole O'Brien Social Networking Sites Impact Loneliness for Older Adults Business
Maheeya Mujib The Price We Pay Business
Bryor Snefjella The Words We Use and Who We Are Humanities
Ming Li Designing Privacy-Aware Data Sharing Agreements for Medical Research Business
Tamana Yousof The role of TDAG51 in regulating insulin signalling – a novel therapeutic for Type 2 Diabetes Health Sciences
Yunju Song A 3 year snapshot of childhood vaccine conversations in Ontario on Twitter Health Sciences
 S. Daisy Kosa  Lifelines: Cost and Consequences in Vascular Access Health Sciences
Nourhan Shalaby  Differentiation of Tumour and Normal Breast Tissue using an Optical Spectroscopy System Science
Michael MacLeod Development of an advanced genetic toolbox to enable genome scale engineering in Sinorhizobium meliloti Science


Name Title Faculty
Andrey Goussev Flying Nanobot Wings Engineering
Blessing Bassey Gone in a flash: Kaiso's roles in breast cancer metastasis Science
Bryan Wu Talkative Tenants of the Human Body Health Sciences
Chuma Asuzu An Extra Ear Engineering
Florent Risacher The ongoing success of land reclamation in the oil sands Science
Hassan Ali Al Saleh Microvesicles in Prostate Cancer Health Sciences
Jenin El-Sayes Excite Your Brain: Fit Your Exercise to You Science
Jennifer Cui Nobody wants to get HIT Health Sciences
John Vrbensky CD8+ T Cells in Immune Thrombocytopenia Health Sciences
Kate Kennedy Developmental Mechanisms Behind the Intergenerational Transmission of Obesity Health Sciences
Medhi Shahzamania Forming Limit Diagram (FLD) of Metals Engineering
Samantha Caetano Selecting a Model in Cancer Data Science
Tiffany vanLieshout Of Mice and Molecules Science
Wade Genders Engineering Intelligence Engineering