Once you have completed all your courses and all other curriculum requirements, your program office are responsible for informing the School of Graduate Studies that you are ready to proceed to graduation. Your Curriculum requirements are outlined in the School of Graduate Studies Calendar, in any given year, and are subject to change. It is the responsibility of the student, in consultation with their Program, to ensure that all requirements have been satisfied.

You are responsible for logging on to the Graduation Information Centre an indicating that whether or not you will be attending the ceremony.



Please note the following:

Check your name on Mosaic, please note the name on your diploma will be exactly as shown on student records. If our records do not show your correct name, you should complete the form on our website – request to change your name and provide the necessary supporting documents.

Please make sure your contact details are correct and you are responsible for updating your address and you can do this by logging on to Mosaic and updating your profile.