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Graduate Studies

Supervision guidelines for the supervisory committee

  • The supervisory committee must approve thesis project plans, including those that are part of a larger collaborative project led by others (e.g. research team members or collaborators).
  • Provide students with timely, but not instantaneous, feedback. As an example, corrections to a thesis chapter, major research project, or a manuscript optimally should occur within a few weeks, and to a draft of the thesis within the timelines outlined in the graduate calendar.
  • Duties of the Supervisory Committee as per Section 3.1 of Graduate Calendar:
    • to assist in planning and to approve the student’s program of courses and research;
    • to approve the thesis proposal;
    • to decide, within departmental regulations, on the timing of the comprehensive examination and, where applicable, of the language and other examinations;
    • to maintain knowledge of the student’s research activities and progress;
    • to give advice on research, usually through the student’s supervisor;
    • to provide the student with regular appraisals or progress or lack of it;
    • to perform such other duties as may be required by the department;
    • to report on the above matters annually, in writing, on the approved form to the department, which in turn will report to the Faculty Graduate Committee on Admissions and Study;
    • to initiate appropriate action if the student’s progress is unsatisfactory, including any recommendation that the student withdraw, for approval by the department and the Faculty Committee on Graduate Admissions and Study;
    • to decide when the student is to write the thesis and give advice during this process;
    • to act as internal examiners for the student’s thesis;
    • to act as members of the examination committee for the final oral defence when so appointed.