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Graduate Studies

Drawing Conclusions: A series for grad students and postdocs

We don’t just know things, or do we? The study of epistemology helps us understand how we know things, and explore different ways of knowing. Why do we choose some data or primary sources and not others? Why do we choose to ask the questions we do? When we observe behaviours, processes or outcomes, why do we notice some things but not others? The way that we take in information affects our outputs, our research, and our teaching across all disciplines.

We can overcome our biases, and this summer McMaster is delivering an online program that will help you expand your ways of knowing. The Drawing Conclusions program is an interactive and facilitated exploration of art, led by the education officers at the McMaster Museum of Art. Over four online sessions, you will improve your powers of observation, communication abilities (descriptive, comparative, and critical writing skills), and philosophical thinking. The program blends live group sessions with independent writing assignments and resources in Avenue to Learn. Build your confidence and your peer community with this guided art adventure.

Space is limited. If you would like to participate in this summer program, please complete our registration form and share your availability. The facilitators will contact you with program delivery dates in June.

Drawing Conclusions registration form on Microsoft forms

Time commitment: 90 minutes per session

No art experience necessary.

For more information: