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Graduate Studies

Heat 5

March 19, 8:30 a.m.

Name Faculty Three Minute Thesis title
Jintu Deng Business Will There Be More Workers Moving from Rural Areas to Cities?
Robert Gutgesell Health Sciences Bitumen to Baculums – the Impact of the Alberta Oil Sands on Wildlife
Laiba Jamshed Health Sciences Trying to modulate Tryptophan: wildlife
Gautham Krishnaraj Health Sciences Ethical Innovation in Humanitarian Contexts
Sami Kurani Science The Lights are on, but is anyone home?: Mapping dwelling distribution in rural Alberta
Alex MacLean Humanities Generative Visuals for Audio Performance Using Audio Feature Analysis for Control
Shervin Manzuri Shalmani Engineering Brain Stew: Chopping the Big Artificial Brain into Re-usable Parts
Jeffrey McLean Health Sciences Globalization in the Arctic ocean
Brinda Lakshmi Narayanan Engineering Once it spills, we pay the bill
Bhavya Parekh Engineering Where does this food end up?
Lisa Sarpong
Megan Vierhout Health Sciences Do Monocytes Take Your Breath Away?
Calvin Zhu Engineering Training Trustworthy AI Doctors