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Graduate Studies

GradFlix Preliminary Competitors

  1. Alix Dujardin, How did first life on Earth appear
  2. Beth Aiken, Brezhnev Comedy Films and the Soviet State (1964-82)
  3. Billy Bostad, Efficient exercise to make your heart stronger
  4. Bre-Anna Owusu, Syncing’ to the beat of your own brain
  5. Bruno Frare, Integrated Lasers for Lidar Applications
  6. Calvin Zhu, Quantifying Trust in Deep Learning Ultrasound Models by Investigating Hardware and Operator Variance
  7. Dhanyasri Maddiboina, Developing Lytic Bacteriophage Treatments for the Removal of Pseudomonas Biofilms
  8. Emilia Barc, In Memory of Trees
  9. Emily Wood, Understanding nonverbal communication in musical ensembles
  10. Erica Dao, Breast Tumour Margin Detection
  11. Jeffery McLean, Arctic Ocean governance: A critical and feminist discourse analysis
  12. Loa Gordon, Self/Care Among Canada’s Post-Secondary Students
  13. Megan Vierhout, Circulating Monocytes in IPF: Do They Take Your Breath Away?
  14. Neil MacPhee, Outlier Detection in Healthy Control Datasets
  15. Nicholas Simard, Big Data Analytics for Assessing Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
  16. Nicole Rakowski, Towards a Theory of Healthcare Management for Improving the Patient Experience
  17. Pradhariny Prabagaran, Overcoming chemoresistance in acute myeloid leukemia by epigenetic targeting of the microenvironment
  18. Rachael Finnerty, Online Group Music Therapy – A proactive approach to managing stress and anxiety
  19. Raghad Elgamal, The Role of Imagery on Poetic Imagination
  20. Sarvatit Patel, The Role of GSK3 in Atherosclerosis
  21. Seyedbehrad Dehnadi, Exploration of a Bayesian Model of Tactile Spatial Perception
  22. Sujane Kandasamy, The Design and Evaluation of a Prenatal Knowledge Translation Intervention for South Asian Women and their Family Doctors