Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is a deliberative, administrative, and executive body responsible directly to Senate but otherwise autonomous. Its membership consists of the Chancellor, the President and Vice-Chancellor, the Provost and Vice-President (Academic), the Associate Vice-President and Dean of Graduate Studies (Chair), the Associate Deans of Graduate Studies, the Faculty Deans, the University Librarian, the University Registrar, the Secretary of Senate, the Vice-President (Research and International Affairs), the Associate Registrar and Graduate Secretary, eighteen faculty members (three from each faculty), and twelve graduate students (two from each faculty).

The responsibilities of the Graduate Council have been specified in some detail by Senate and are outlined in the By-laws of the Senate of McMaster University and the Senate Resolutions (Article X). The more significant ones may be summarized by noting that it regulates matters concerning graduate work of common concern to the entire University, acts upon recommendations concerning graduate work from each Faculty upon matters of particular concern to that Faculty, reports to Senate on graduate matters, recommends candidates for graduate degrees, stipulates conditions for the awarding of graduate scholarships, and stipulates the departments eligible to offer graduate work.

Meeting materials are available on MacSphere.

For more information about the governing bodies of McMaster Univeristy, please visit the Senate webpage »


All meetings will be held in Council Chambers (GH 111) at 9:30 am

September 19th
October 17th
November 14th
December 5th
January 16th
February 20th
March 20th
April 17th
May 15th
June 12th




Chair:  Dr. Doug Welch (deangrad), Vice-Provost & Dean of Graduate Studies


Deputy Chairs:

Dr. Khaled Hassanein (hassank), Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & Research (Business)
Dr. Catherine Hayward (adeanhsc), Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (Health Sciences)
Dr. Sean Corner (adeangrh), Acting Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & Research (Humanities)
Dr. James Gillett (gillett), Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & Research (Social Sciences)
Dr. Michael Thompson (adeangse), Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (Engineering)
Dr. Bhagwati Gupta (adeangss), Acting Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (Science)


Secretary (without vote):  Stephanie Baschiera (baschie)
Assistant Secretary (without vote):  Christina Bryce (cbryce)


Ex-officio Members (without vote):

Helen Ayre, University Secretary
Melissa Pool, University Registrar
Vivian Lewis, University Librarian
Peter Self, Assistant Dean (Graduate Student Life & Research Training)

Ex-officio Members:

Dr. Patrick Deane, President & Vice-Chancellor
Ms. Suzanne Labarge, Chancellor
Dr. David Wilkinson, Provost & VP (Academic)
Dr. Rob Baker, VP (Research)
Dr. Peter Mascher, VP (International Affairs)
Dr. Leonard Waverman (deanbus), Dean of Business
Dr. Maurreen MacDonald (deansci), Dean of Science
Dr. Ken Cruikshank (deanhum), Acting Dean of Humanities
Dr. Paul O'Byrne (deanfhs), Dean & Vice President (Health Sciences)
Dr. Ishwar Puri (deaneng), Dean of Engineering
Dr. Jerry Hurley (deansoc), Dean of Social Sciences
Dr. Stan Porter, Principal (Divinity College)


Divinity College Representative:

      Dr. Phil Zylla, Academic Dean



Elected Faculty Members:


Dr. Mahmut Parlar, Operations Management (2020)
Dr. Jiaping Qiu, Finance & Business Economics (2018)
Dr. Manish Verma, Operations Management (2018)


Dr. Dieter Stolle, Civil Engineering (2018)
Dr. Prashant Mhaskar, Chemical Engineering (2020)
Dr. Adrian Kitai, Engineering Physics (2019)

Health Sciences:     

Dr. Sandeep Raha, Pediatrics (2020)
Dr. Bradley Doble, Biochemistry and Biomedial Sciences (2019)
Dr. Lehana Thabane, Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics (2019)


Dr. Spencer Pope, Classics (2020)
Dr. Elizbieta Grodek (2018)
Dr. Susie O’Brien (2019)


Dr. Shui Feng, Mathematics & Statistics (2018)
Dr. Fiona McNeill, Physics & Astronomy (2020)
Dr. Alison Sills, Physics and Astronomy (2019)                  

Social Sciences:   

Dr. Inder Marwah, Political Science (2019)
Dr. Lydia Kapiriri, Health, Aging & Society (2020)
Dr. Ellen Badone, Anthropology/Religious Studies (2018)

Student Representatives

Engineering: Maryam Badv, Michael Luit
Health Sciences: Jamie Dawdy, Tejan Baldeh   
Social Science:                                                                        


Observer (without vote):  President, Graduate Students Association


Quorum:  One third of the voting members including one-third of the elected faculty members