Skills Training

These modules, workshops and downloadable tools will help you build yours skills for success! Browse through the page or use Type of Skill filter to identify a skill you would like to work on. As well, you can choose a Delivery Format – or formats – that best suit your schedule and lifestyle. You can choose multiple items use the filters.

Please note that not all Skill Types are available for learning across all Delivery Formats.

Academic and Research Integrity

Explore integrity issues in the graduate student setting. Academic integrity, research integrity, academic dishonesty and research misconduct will all be discussed.

Academic Job Search

Module, Online Module

How do you go from student to faculty member? This online presentation covers some key areas of the search. Created by The School of Graduate Studies.

Communication for New Researchers

This online module about academic and professional communications includes scenarios you will frequently encounter as a graduate student and, later, as a professor.

Community Engaged Scholarship (Part 2)

Part two of a series on community engagement. It is highly recommended that you complete part one, Foundations of Community Engagement first, which covers key concepts and principles of community engagement.

Community Engagement (Part 1)

Key definitions and principles that underlie community engagement, such as the importance of addressing assumptions. Through real-world examples and interviews with actual community partners and campus representatives, this module also highlights the many complexities involved in partnerships between community and campus, some of which can lead to negative interactions.

Converting a CV to a resume

An online module to help you to create a résumé — a very important tool for the non-academic job search.

Diverse Career Paths for PhDs

This online module focuses on early stage career exploration by inviting you to imagine a landscape of many career options, spanning the academic to the non-academic.


An overview of the critical elements of starting a business. The module components include enough information for the learner to understand key concepts and provide them with an understanding of what further learning is required along with links to additional resources and learnings.

Grad & Postdoc Study Room

In-Person Training

A quiet work space dedicated to use by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Grad Writing Consultations (GWC)

In-Person Training

One-on-one support with your ongoing grad writing projects.

Intellectual Property

An introduction to intellectual property that introduces students to the basic definitions and types of intellectual property, such as trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and copyrights.

Intercultural Competency

Learn about several key concepts and strategies that will help you navigate this diverse world in this online module.

Introduction to Graduate-Level Writing

Online Module

An online module that introduces graduate students to a variety of works that they may be asked to create during their graduate education. This module includes self-reflection and skills-based activities.

Lesson Planning

An introduction to effective lesson planning. Whether you’re teaching university students, or colleagues in the workplace, having a good lesson plan is one of the first steps to being an effective instructor.

Online Module

An online training database providing access to thousands of high-quality instructional videos on a broad range of topics in the areas of business, education, design, photography, programming, animation, video, audio and music.

McMaster Effective English Courses


McMaster Effective English Courses (MEEC) are free, non-credit intensive ESL modules focused on the daily language needs of graduate student and postdoc learners at McMaster.

Mental Health and Well-Being

This module gives you some valuable tools to increase your understanding of health and wellness and to help you manage your well-being in your graduate life and during your transition to a career. It introduces you to some key facts about wellness, mental health and mental illness.

Mentoring Undergraduate Students

Resources and learning for graduate students in their roles as mentors for undergraduate students.

Non-Academic Work Search

The Non-academic Work Search includes information and activities to help you to conduct a successful work search.

One-Week Resume

Online Module

One-Week Resume is a self-directed e-course that provides resume assistance for McMaster graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. No live meetings, so you can fit this into your schedule when it works for you. Check our Events Calendar for upcoming One-Week Resume sessions.

Research Management

Sound research project management is a fundamental element of any research project. Creating a project plan should be seen as an integral, ongoing process initiated at the outset of your research. This plan will provide you with a holistic view of your project, allowing you to make preparations in advance, anticipate potential problems and develop strategies to eliminate risks to your project later on.


In-Person Training

Speakeasy connects English-speaking students with English-as-an-Additional-Language (EAL) students. The goal: To help EAL students improve their command of English, strengthen discussion skills, and broaden their level of verbal self-expression.

Teaching & Learning Foundations

In-Person Training

This Certificate of Completion, delivered in partnership by Graduate Studies and the MacPherson Institute, includes EDUCATN 600 (Essential Skills in Teaching and Learning (I)) and 650 (Peer-Evaluated Teaching Experience).

Teaching & Learning Scholar

In-Person Training

This Certificate of Completion, delivered in partnership by Graduate Studies and the MacPherson Institute, includes EDUCATN700 (Essential Skills in Teaching and Learning (II)) and EDUCATN750/751 (Principles and Practices of University Teaching). Prerequisite: Teaching and Learning Foundations

Teaching Dossiers

An introduction to both the structure and purpose of the dossier as well as guide students through a reflective process to draft the foundational claims of the teaching philosophy statement.

Teaching Online – Advanced Skills

Learn about strategies for facilitating online learning effectively.

Teaching Online – Basic

An introductory preparation for graduate students wishing to be teaching assistants in fully online courses or blended courses with significant online activities.

The, A and An: A Guide to Using Articles

Downloadable Resource

“The" is the most frequently used word in English, but it can be one of the most difficult words to use correctly if English is not your first language. Learn why.

Thesis Completion Boot Camps


Three days of structured, uninterrupted writing time for students working towards next thesis submission deadline.

Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism

Have you ever worried that you might accidentally plagiarize by forgetting to cite a source or by not paraphrasing thoroughly enough? You’re not alone. Many graduate students share this fear, especially when managing many sources over several years. This module aims to help you understand plagiarism and develop strategies to avoid it.