About the memorial awards

About the memorial awards

Three of the Graduate Student Recognition Awards have been named in honour of individuals who made a difference at McMaster University.

About Keith Leppmann

The Keith Leppmann Teaching Assistant Excellence Award was established by the family and friends of Keith Leppmann, following his tragic death in a car accident in 1989.

A graduate student in Engineering Physics, Keith was a teaching assistant for a demanding course in digital logic and computer systems. His honours thesis project was the deisgn of a software package which allowed students in this course to simulate and troubleshoot their use of the NOVA lab computer on their own PC's at home. 

The Keith Leppmann Teaching Awards were established to honour Keith's commitment to the role of teaching assistants in McMaster's learning enviornment. They are awarded to TA's who have been recognized by their students and peers for their similiar commitment to teaching.