Doreen Drew
Doreen Drew received the GSA Award for Contributions by Non-Academic Staff at the recent Graduate Student Recognition Awards. Drew is the administrative assistant for the graduate program in Religious Studies. Photo by Maxine Gravina

September 19, 2016

A morning of celebration

The annual awards highlight graduate student leadership, excellence in teaching, service to the community, and communicating the broader impact of research. The awards also provide an opportunity to acknowledge excellence in supervision and support for graduate students.

Once again, congratulations to this year’s recipients and nominees, all of whom have made significant contributions to McMaster University.

President’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision 

  • Samir Ziada
  • Lehana Thabane
  • Ivona Kucerova

The Dean's Award for Excellence in Communicating Graduate Research

  • Ana Kovacevic
  • Paul Ricciuti
  • Rachel Ho
  • Laura Cirelli
  • Elizabeth Perez 

GSA Keith Leppmann Teaching Assistant Excellence Award

  • Ahmad Firas Khalid
  • Craig MacNair
  • Meryl Acker
  • Omar Bourasalie
  • Tarushika Vasanthan
  • Tommaso D'Ovidio

Mary Keyes Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service to McMaster

  • Talena Rambarran

GSA Millennium Award for Community Service

  • Sara Kilmury
  • Richard Alsop

GSA Award for Contributions by Non-Academic Staff

  • Doreen Drew