McMaster Chancellor Suzanne Labarge speaks to McMaster community members.

McMaster Chancellor Suzanne Labarge speaks to McMaster community members at an event to celebrate the Labarge Centre for Mobility in Aging.

April 10, 2017

Grad scholarship focuses on aging and mobility

As we age, our mobility can limit how we move through our day-to-day tasks, affecting such things as making a meal, doing the laundry, or meeting friends for a coffee and chat. 

The Labarge Mobility Scholarship will support graduate students entering the field of aging research on the broad topic of mobility, which includes both physical and community aspects – such as execution of daily activities and participation in society. The scholarship is intended to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration.

One scholarship, valued at $15,000 for one year, is available to a Master’s student entering first year of study, while a second scholarship is available to a PhD student entering their first year of study, valued at $18,000 for one year. For more details about eligibility and how to apply, visit the Labarge Centre for Mobility in Aging

Deadline to apply is May 15, 2017.

More about funding opportunities for McMaster’s research on aging

The Labarge Centre for Mobility in Aging (LCMIA) and the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA) are pleased to announce new funding opportunities to foster research in mobility and aging.

The initiative's goal is to stimulate cross-Faculty collaboration in the area of mobility, which may include physiological, social, structural and community elements affecting the mobility of older adults.

"These programs align with MIRA's strategy to drive growth and excellence in aging research," said Parminder Raina, scientific director for MIRA and LCMIA. "Through generous contributions provided by McMaster's chancellor Suzanne Labarge, we are able to extend this support to our researchers in a meaningful way."

The Centre is now inviting associate deans  of research for each of McMaster's Faculties to identify research proposals for exploration grants. These include planning grants of up to $2,500 to be used to explore and establish new, cross-Faculty partnerships; and catalyst grants of up to $40,000 to conduct feasibility or pilot studies that build upon existing cross-Faculty partnerships. The submission deadline is May 15, 2017.