May 23, 2018

New online module introduces grad-level writing

New graduate students or those struggling to understand academic conventions and expectations around various graduate writing projects will benefit from McMaster School of Graduate Studies’ Introduction to Graduate Level Writing. 

This self-paced online workshop is designed to introduce students to several types of writing projects they may encounter in grad school. 

From literature reviews to abstracts to theses

The broad scope and general academic conventions around a variety of writing tasks are discussed, and general tips for completing these projects are provided. After finishing this module, grad students should feel

  • more confident about approaching their supervisors and colleagues to talk about writing projects
  • better equipped with a sense of what is expected at a graduate writing level
  • they’ve gained the knowledge they need to begin writing

This module takes approximately 25 minutes to complete, with additional time needed for optional interactive activities suggested throughout. Or you can navigate through the module and complete only the sections most relevant to you.