February 23, 2018

Social Sciences Associate Dean presents his own 3MT

Presenting a Three Minute Thesis is a challenge for everyone. 

Every. One.

James Gillett, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies for Social Sciences, decided to give it a try and show grad students how it’s done. 

“Wow! It’s more difficult than I anticipated,” Gillett says. “As a researcher, I’m accustomed to having more time to tell my research story. I needed a few takes to get mine done in under three minutes.

“I think the key is practice, practice and more practice. I needed to have most of the presentation memorized. For me, I think that would make the difference,” he said.

For more examples of the Three Minute Thesis, visit our 3MT section on McMasterSGS YouTube channel

Telling your research story 

The Three Minute Thesis is more than a competition. It’s an opportunity for participants to practice their pitch, to learn how to tell their story to a diverse audience of non-specialists.

And that is an important skill to have when you are

  • interviewing for a job
  • speaking to potential funders for your research
  • taking part in a panel discussion on policy
  • explaining your work to your family 

Additional prizes

This year, we have some additional awards available.

The top place participant from each of the Faculties – Humanities, Business, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Science and Engineering – will receive $500: 

Faculty winners will be based on 3MT scores from the adjudication panel. This means that multiple winners from the top five finalists could receive an additional $500. 

If the Final Heat does not include a representative from each of the six Faculties, the top place finisher from the preliminary heats in each of those Faculties – based on scoring by the preliminary heat judges – will receive $500 each.

More Preliminary Heats added!

We have added a Preliminary Heat for Thursday, March 15 – the morning of the Final.

Registration closes on March 1.

You do not need to upload a completed slide at registration. Slides are due on March 12

Learn more about the rules and eligibility for 3MT.