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LMIA Exempt Work Permit Request

LMIA Exempt Work Permit Request – Department Administrators

If you are hiring a postdoctoral fellow from outside of Canada that needs a work permit, you will be required to submit a request for an LMIA Exempt work permit request.

Please complete the LMIA Exempt Request Form and send it to with all of the required documentation.

Required documentation includes:

  • Copy of the signed offer letter for the postdoc
  • Copy of the postdoc’s CV
  • Proof the postdoc has completed a PhD
  • Copy of the postdoc’s passport
  • Credit card information for the $230.00 employer compliance fee

If a postdoctoral fellow receives a contract extension, or if their work permit is scheduled to expire while they are at McMaster, this process will need to be repeated as they will need a new IMM5802 number.

Expandable List

Steps for postdoctoral fellows that require an LMIA-exempt work permit.

  • Contact your department administrator to have them send all of the required documentation to
  • Provide your department administrator with a copy of your CV, proof of PhD completion and a photocopy of your passport
  • You will receive your IMM5802 number for

If your work permit is expiring before you position is over, you will need to complete this process again. Please contact your department administrator to submit the documents to for all extensions. You will require a new IMM5802 number for each work permit application.