Communication and New Media

Faculty of Humanities, Department of Communication Studies & Multimedia

Communication and New Media is an interdisciplinary field that examines the interplay between media, culture, and technology. It brings together communication and media research with research creation and media arts practice.

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Degree Details

Master of Arts (M.A.)

The M.A. program in Communication and New Media at McMaster University offers the opportunity for students to gain experience in independent communication studies research and/or multimedia art and design at the graduate level, while developing advanced knowledge in communication theories and methodologies, and cultivating their interest in one or more subspecialties in this interdisciplinary program (such as media studies, discourse analysis, performance studies, audio and video art, audience studies, computer-mediated methodologies). Students entering the program from undergraduate Communication Studies and/or Multimedia programs will all share a background in critical and creative approaches to conventional and new media, but they will also bring a spectrum of interests, reflecting the diversity of these fields, that will contribute to a vibrant interchange of ideas. This program will cultivate their intellectual development through coursework, a major research project, and extracurricular activities. The program prepares students for both further graduate education in the areas of communication, media and multimedia study, and for employment in a range of fields such as media production, media administration, communication policy, organizational communication, and the arts.

Areas of Research

  • Digital media & code art
  • Communications law and policy
  • Copyright history
  • Diasporic and international media
  • Critical approaches to race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality
  • Television and radio studies
  • Political economy
  • Networked creativity
  • Augmented Reality
  • Sound art
  • Physical computing
  • Animation and design
  • Political communication
  • Media management
  • Digital games studies
  • Participatory culture
  • Digital cultural theory
  • Reputation and brand management
  • Public relations management
  • Media literacy
  • Audience research
  • Media and activism
  • Popular music studies
  • Professional communications
  • Crisis management
1 year
Required Credential:
Honours Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies, Multimedia and/or other related disciplines.
Typical Entry:
Typical Deadline:
January 22nd