Financial Mathematics

Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Financial mathematics applies methods of mathematics, statistics, computational science and economics to core problems arising in financial institutions. Its scope ranges from traditional problems such as securities valuation and portfolio optimization to current issues such as risk management and high frequency trading.

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Degree Details

Master of Financial Mathematics (MFM)

The Master of Financial Mathematics (also called M-Phimac) is an intensive one year graduate program. Eight months of coursework taught by recognized experts emphasize the development of both strong technical foundations and professional knowledge, with the goal to understand the applications of advanced mathematics to finance and investments. The major industrial project completed in the third term will explore a topic of current interest with guidance from a finance industry professional and can be completed while working full time or as an intern.

Areas of Research

Financial Mathematics by coursework 

12 months
Program Type:
Course based
Program Options:
Typical Entry:
September 1
Typical Deadline:
applications close February 1