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Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence & Impact
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Health Policy is an interdisciplinary field that investigates how health policy is made, what it is, what it might become, and its impact. The implementation of Health Policy within a society requires an evidence-base, coupled with an explicit strategy and process to achieve specific health care objectives.

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Degree Details

Doctorate (Ph.D.)

The program is designed to train intellectual leaders in the field who will make seminal contributions to policy understanding and practice. The curriculum provides theory and empirical methods for framing, investigating, and answering crucial questions about health policy. Graduates are equally well prepared for leadership positions in government, consulting, non-governmental organizations or private industry.

Areas of Research

  • Determinants of health and health inequalities
  • Equity of health systems
  • Health care financing and funding
  • Organization and delivery of care
  • Health human resources and health professions
  • Health technology assessment
  • Knowledge transfer and exchange
  • Public and community engagement
  • Patient centered care and shared descision-making
  • Values and ethics in health policy
  • Global health policy
  • Indigenous health policy
  • Mental health
  • Public health
4 years
Required Credential:
Previous graduate training in a relevant field, a Master’s degree or a relevant professional degree is preferred. Prerequisitie of a graduate level statistics course.
Program Options:
Typical Entry:
Typical Deadline:
December 31st