Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner

Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Nursing

Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners (PHC NPs) are registered nurses, who are specialists in primary health care, who provide accessible, comprehensive and effective care to clients of all ages. They are experienced nurses with additional nursing education which enables them to provide individuals, families, groups and communities with health services in health promotion, disease and injury prevention, cure, rehabilitation and support.

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Degree Details

Graduate Diploma (G.Dip.)

The Council of Ontario University Programs in Nursing (COUPN) established the Ontario Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (PHC NP) Programme in 1995. A consortium of nine Ontario universities offers the program. Graduates are eligible to write the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Exam Examination: Family/All Ages to qualify as an NP-PHC.

1 year (Full time)

Required Credential:
A completed Master’s degree in nursing with McMaster B+ average (or equivalent).
Program Type:
Course based
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