Student Guide - Service Request


Service requests allow for changes in your student record provided that the change request needs no additional approval from your program office or the School of Graduate Studies.

  • Requesting a plan change/minor – where the degree remains the same e.g. changing from course based to project based
  • Requesting that a course be designated to a plan other than your primary active plan. For example you are enrolled as a full time PhD student as your primary active plan, but are also enrolled in a part time diploma. If you wish to designate a course towards your diploma, you should use the service request during the normal add period outlined in the Sessional Dates – hyperlink.
  • Requesting a plan change – where the degree changes –e.g. Masters to PhD or MA to MSc
  • Requests for transfer credit
  • Requests for late/add drop of courses
  • Requests to Audit a course
  • Requests for leave of absences
  • Requests to change from full to part time
  • Requests to change from full to part time
  • Requests to withdraw from the program
  • Requests for full time off campus
  • Requests for re-admission to program