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Graduate Studies

How to submit your document

1. Request your supervisor give you access to the Research Manuscripts – Originality Checking Service course in Avenue2Learn.

2. Once you have access, log in to Avenue to Learn and find the Ouriginal/Urkund course.

  • On Avenue to Learn main course page, you may need to scroll down to the “Urkund” section, depending on your browser and size of your screen.

3. Open the Research Manuscripts – Originality Checking Service course.

An Assignment window in the Urkund/Ouriginal course. The title of the Assignment window is in the upper left, called Research Papers. A research paper is listed in the completed analysis section of the window.

4. Click on the Assessment menu at the top of the main Urkund course page.

5. Click on Assignments. Your supervisor will have created one or more assignments. Select the most appropriate assignment or ask your supervisor which one is correct for your document.

Note: The Urkund “Assignments” section is configured by each supervisor, so the assignment names will differ. It should look similar to the screenshot below.

6. Click Add a File, then select My Computer in the pop-up window and upload your document.

Submit Assignment window image

7. Click Add once the correct file has been uploaded.

8. Click Submit once the correct file is showing under “Files to submit” on the assignment page.

It may take several hours for Ouriginal/Urkund to analyze the file. Once the analysis is complete and the originality report is ready for review, it will appear under the “Assignment Overview” section on the main course page.

Once the report is generated, a student may delete the submitted file in assignments or ask their supervisor to delete it.


  • Upload only one (1) document per assignment submission.
  • File sizes larger than 100 MB cannot be uploaded, but even those above 50 MB may cause problems. Consider removing images to reduce the size of your file.