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Graduate Studies

Adding an individual student to the course

1. To add an individual student to the Course, you can use either the Course Admin menu OR the Communication menu. Select Classlist under either menu.

2. Click Add Participants button at the top of the page if the student’s name doesn’t appear in the table of names shown.

3. Under Add Existing Users, enter the student’s name or Mac ID into the search window and click on the magnifying glass. A list of students matching the search parameters will appear below on the page.

4. Select the correct student and choose the role of “Student” in the “default section.”

5. Click Enrol Selected User at the bottom of the page. After a confirmation notice appears, you can return to the Classlist page – the student’s name should now be showing in the table.

6. The student may now submit a document to any Assignment created by the supervisor.

Important: Only students enrolled in McMaster have access to Avenue to Learn. External persons cannot be set up with a Mac ID, so they cannot have access to Ouriginal/Urkund.

Adding a list of students to the course

To add a group of students from a lab or program:

1. Go to Course Admin menu OR Communication menu.

2. Select Classlist.

3. If no student names appear in the table, click Add Participants button at the top of the page.

4. Under Import users from a file on your computer, upload a .txt or .csv file.

5. Where the user sees ‘Import File’, click the <Choose File> button and select the newly created file.

How to format a student list file for upload

1. One individual user per each row.

2. Each row must be set up in the following order: Username, Section, Role.

  • Use commas to separate the three parameters.
  • Do not use quotation marks.
  • Username: Student’s Mac ID
  • Role: Student
  • Section: Course Offering Code

How to find the Course Offering Code

1. Go to Course Admin.

2. Click on Course Offering Information.

3. Copy code from the Course Offering Code. Paste code into the Section column in your .csv and follow it by _00.

Important: The code is unique to each faculty member. It should look similar to this code: OTHER_GRADUATE_STUDIES_P_macID_CONT_20_00. The code must appear in each row. 

Note: You can create your original file in Excel and save as the correct format.