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Graduate Studies

How to submit a document

Students – or Faculty if they have selected “View as Student” mode – may submit their research document to the appropriate assignment folder.

1. Click on the Assessment menu.

2. Click on Assignments, then select the appropriate folder.


The submit assignment page is open, show the Submit button highlighted in dark blue, on the lower left of the screen, second row of buttons from the bottom of the page.

3. Click Add a File, then select “My Computer” in the pop-up window and upload your document.

7. Click Add once the correct file has been uploaded.

8. Click Submit once the correct file is showing under “Files to submit” on the assignment page.


  • Upload only one (1) document per assignment submission.
  • File sizes larger than 100 MB cannot be uploaded, but even those above 50 MB may cause problems. Consider removing images to reduce the size of your file.

Submitting a file to Urkund

The video below is a visual representation of the instructions on this page.