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Graduate Studies

Setting up folders

1. You will need a course shell – called Research Manuscripts – Originality Checking Service – set up for your Avenue to Learn account. You should request this setup from your department office.

2. Log in to Avenue to Learn and find the Research Manuscripts – Originality Checking Service course shell.

  • Go to My Courses.
    • Open the tab, Continuing.
      • Click on Research Manuscripts – Originality Checking Service.

3. If it is your first time accessing the shell, it will need to be activated.

To activate:

  • Under the Course Admin menu, click on Course Offering Information.
    • Scroll down to Activate and check the box next to Course is Active.
      • Click Save. Once that’s completed, students added to the course will be able to see it.

Note: If you are a Safari user, please visit Known issue with Safari browser for setup instructions.

4. You will see the following message: Application Customization Configuration v1.0 by Desire2Learn Incorporated is trying to access your information. Would you like to proceed?

  • Click on Continue – this enables the connection to Ouriginal/Urkund.

5. Under the Assessment menu, select Assignments. You can create one or more assignments. Select Ungraded.

Example: You can create two assignments: 1. Research Papers, 2. Graduate Theses.

Important: If these assignments will be used by all students in a research group, rather than one specific person, it is recommended that no due date is entered.

6. Before leaving the Assignment page, you must ensure that these folders are visible to users.

Note: If you see an eyeball with a line though it next to the assignment, folders will not be visible to the user. To make the item visible, click on the down arrow beside the assignment. A new menu will open – choose Make Visible to Users.

An assignments page showing a list of assignments under the second column. The first assignment has an icon showing that is an eye with a line diagonally through it. The arrow to the left of the eye has been clicked as is showing a pop-up menu, highlighting the third menu item down, called Make Visible to Users.

7. Return to the Main Course page.

8. The two Assignments will show in the overview table, each with two switches visible in right hand columns.

Important: Per university policy on Plagiarism Checking Software, both switches should be turned on so that you and the student may see the report. A pop-up window will appear each time a switch is clicked on, asking the user if the feature should be enabled.

The assignment overview page shows eight columns. The final two columns on the right are showing switches that can be toggled on or off.

How to set up originality checking in Avenue to Learn

This video is a visual how-to of the above directions.