2017 Poster Session Participants

2017 Poster Session Participants

From Arts & Science 

  • Shyness and Autonomic Regulation in Preschoolers, Annie Mills
  • Modulating Software: Pokémon-Go and Contested Fun in Public Space, Benjamin Feldman
  • Gendered Bodies in Post-World War Two Canada, Rachel Guitman
  • Impact of the Neighbourhood Action Strategy on Social Capital, Stephanie Bertolo
  • Through the Glass Ceiling, Over the Glass Cliff?, Sutina Chou
  • Social Participation and Resilience among Hamilton's Older Adults, Thipiga Sivayoganathan

From Interdisciplinary

  • Understanding timbre: Exploring amplitude envelope and overtone tuning, Maxwell Ng (Health Sciences and Humanities)

From Health Sciences 

  • The role of innate immunity in virus-induced exacerbation of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Daniel Celeste
  • Fast estimation of time-varying infectious disease transmission rates, Mikael Jagan
  • Early immune challenge impacts neuroprogenitors and depressive behaviours in mice, Owen Luo
  • Role of Gut Serotonin in the Production of  Antimicrobial Peptides, Parsa Mehraban Far
  • Palliative Care in Specialist Residency Education: Literature Review, Samer Kullab
  • Copy Number Variation (CNV) prediction/validation using the XHMM pipeline and dPCR, Steven Chen

From the Humanities

  • Russell's Epistemology Bridging the Foundationalist-Coherentist Distinction, Alisha Butani
  • Canada's Democratic Hypocrisy: The Problem of Indigenous Political Control, Elizabeth Bloomfield
  • Eros and immortality in the Phaedo, Emily Wall
  • Information Status in Italian, Erin DeBorba
  • Virtual Learning Environments: Inclusive or Impeding?, Sumi Voora
  • Perception of Beat Isochrony in 6 month old Infants, Tessa Dickison
  • The Hamilton Spectator and the Great War Veterans Association, 1918-1920, Unnati Gandhi
  • Locke Embodied, William Bell

From Engineering

  • Electrically Conductive Membranes, Alex Sutherland
  • Design and Wet-Etching of Al2O3 Waveguides for On-Chip Amplifiers and Lasers, Arthur Mendez-Rosales
  • Correction of Multi-Angle Plasma FIB SEM Image Curtaining Artifacts, Christopher Schankula
  • 3D Printing In MRI, Josh Bierbrier
  • Secure Communication for a Quantum Future: Post Quantum Cryptography in SSH, Karl Knopf
  • Computational Modelling of the Inner Hair Cell to Auditory Nerve Synapse, Laura Green

From Science

  • Modelling Finite-Time Vortex Collapse with Contour Dynamics, Alex Kerzner
  • Movement Synchrony on Helping Behaviour in Infants, Alisha Song
  • The Effect of Brachial Occlusion on Finger Flexor Tendon and Subsynovial Connective Tissue Motion, Andrew Wong
  • Direct Detection and Reactions of MePhSnMPP, Brianna Nguyen
  • An Investigation of Sediment Cyclicity and Glacial Deltaic Processes in Lake Jircacocha Cordillera Blanca, Perú, Chimira Nicole Andres
  • The regulation of a new mode of bacterial growth, Christine Pham
  • Controlled Assembly of Silicones, Daniel Szames
  • Evolution and Structural Implications of a Multi-Stage Moraine at Lake Palcacocha, Peru, David Bowman
  • Assessment of RFID technology to estimate fledging success in common terns, Hannah Clyde
  • Hydroxyapatite nucleation on bone scaffolds using simulated body fluid, Iflah Shahid
  • EEG Cross Frequency Coupling in Preoperative Anxiety, Jhanahan Sriranjan
  • Estimating Tibia Lead Half-Life and Intake from Blood Lead, Jonas Yeung
  • Effect of task on neural responses to faces, Katrina Fackelmann
  • Cognitive Audiology: Influence of Working Memory Capacity on Hearing, Marija Radenovic
  • 1918 Influenza Pandemic Mortality in Ontario, Michael Chong
  • Physiological impacts of aquatic hypoxia on Porichthys notatus, Noah Houpt
  • Kin Recognition in Silver Maple?, Pascale Bider
  • The use of pharmacological tools to study regeneration in hydra littoralis, Rachel Lee
  • Estimating the effects of parasites on the maintenance of sex, Sang Woo Park
  • Phylogeography of the North American Matsutake Mushrooms, Sarah Sandor
  • The regulation of human skeletal muscle plasticity in response to contractile perturbation, Tom Tripp
  • The Fabrication and Application of Cellulose-Based Aerogels with Tunable Thickness, Patterning, and Morphology, Tyler Or

From Social Sciences

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Moral Injury, Anthony Battaglia
  • The Evolution of the Struggle for a Living Wage in Hamilton, Ontario, Ben Owens
  • Parking to Paradise? A Case Study on the Experiences of the McMaster University Community with Ancaster Creek Restoration Work at Lot M, Carly Stephens
  • Only 2 Students in the Store - Using Photovoice to Examine Individual, Cultural and Structural Forms of Adultism in Hamilton, Carolyn Ralph
  • Crying Over Spilt Milk: The Impact of Supply Management in the Dairy Sector on Canada, Emma Holmes
  • Exploring the Resiliency of Low-Income Older Adults in Hamilton, Grace Martin
  • Proportional Representation and East Asian Party Systems, James Ankers
  • Producing Public Archaeology at The Stélida Naxos Archaeological Project, Jason Lau
  • Night Walkability of Hamilton, Ontario as Viewed by the City's Deaf Community, Jillian Scott
  • Food Insecurity on Hamilton's Upper West Mountain, Leticia Cubas
  • Indigenous Driven Ethnobotany, Stephanie Morningstar
  • Examining male-identified student perspectives of sexual violence on Canadian university campuses, Maddie Brockbank
  • The Role of Health Policy on Mental Health Care Services Use by Asian Immigrant Groups in Canada, Natalie Thirakul
  • Coping Mechanisms Women of Color Use to Deal With Racism, Rachel Persaud