2018 Poster Session Participants

2018 Poster Session Participants

From Arts & Science 

  • A Taste of Our Own Medicine: Conceptions of “Nature” Within Naturopathy, Avery Qurashi
  • Neural Processes of Face Identification, Hailey Wright
  • The role of observational learning in the acquisition of complex motor skills, John Cyfko
  • How Canadian Soccer Coaches Make Decisions, Mahmood Haddara
  • An Arf Invariant of Virtual Knots, Marco Handa
  • Transactional Nature of Temperament and Parenting in Preschoolers, Sadie McVey Neufeld
  • What Does the University Stand For?: Freedom of Expression, Protest and Dissent, Tianqi Lei

From Health Sciences 

  • Utilization of expanded Natural Killer cells to vanquish malignant tumors via antibody dependent cellular cytoxicit, Abdullah El-Sayes
  • Evaluating the effect of age on phagocytosis of S. pneumoniae by macrophages, Danny Ma
  • Dissociating gut microbiome and genotype influences on Angelman Syndrome mice, Owen Luo
  • Bacteriophage Discovery in the Human Gut Microbiome, Roland Chou
  • Investigation of the Cooperative Functions of Polyclonal Antibodies that Target Diverse Influenza Epitopes, Sierra Barnes

From the Humanities

  • Can Musical Cues Improve Auditory Alarms in the I.C.U.?, Cameron Anderson
  • Bacon Bros: Theoretical approaches to understanding masculine identities in contemporary cook books, Daniel Arauz
  • Prayers and pennies for the paupers: Research into the Guilds and Charity in Late Medieval Strasbourg (1350-1475), Graeme Lavender
  • Creating Wilderness and Crafting Identity: The First National Parks in Québec, Hannah Walters-Vida Karin Fish
  • Pollution Visualizations, Karin Fish
  • Harold "The Colonel" Kudlets: A Transcontinental Music Pioneer, Lukas Spencer
  • Aether: A Sci-Fi Novella, Virginia Ford-Roy

From Engineering

  • Characterization of 3D Printed Titanium Alloys, Asad Hussanain
  • Inkjet printing of conductive nanocellulose inks for flexible electronics, Elsie Loukiantchenko
  • Curve Fitting to Characterize Stress-Generated Electrical Potentials in Bone, Elyse Rier
  • Integrated External and Internal Quantum Efficiency Measurement System, Jarod Coppens
  • Enhancing Microwave Imaging for Breast Cancer Screening, Jessica Trac
  • On-Demand Drug Delivery from Hydrogels Induced by Alternating Magnetic Fields, Lauren Weir
  • Wordathon: A Tool for Social Learning, Yumna Irfan

From Science

  • Genetic Variability of Phragmites australis in Southern Ontario, Alexandra Tekatch
  • Detecting Pathogens that cause Sepsis and their Resistance Genes, Brianne Laverty
  • Investigating evidence for a Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in ultrathin films of Fe/W(100), Bryce Norman
  • Designing a Robust Paradigm to Study Replenishment Kinetics of Nematocytes in Hydra littoralis, Christian Barborini
  • Does aperiodic-predictable temporal regularity facilitate auditory perception?, Elger Baraku
  • Cockayne Syndrome Group B Protein Regulates Telomere Maintenance in Telomerase-Negative Cancer Cells, Emily Feng
  • Growth and Characterization of Mixed Pyrochlore-Type Oxide Nd2ScNbO7, Graham Johnstone
  • The Effects of High Intensity Interval Training on Endothelial Function in Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients, Jessica Sadri-Gerrior
  • Physiological and Behavioural Adaptations of an intertidal fish to Hypoxia and Air Exposure, Noah Houpt
  • High-speed preparation of ultra-thin uniform polymer fibers for advanced materials development, Sara Evans
  • Single Particle Imaging of Bicoid's DNA Binding Domain, Sonya Martin
  • Evaluating the diagnostic capabilities of cell-free DNA, procalcitonin and protein C in comparison to HEWS, Walaa Faidi

From Social Sciences

  • Examining the Policies and Decision-Making Procedures of Toronto City Committees on Migrant Sex Workers, Aaron Li
  • An Exploration of Ontario’s Grade 9 Health Curriculum Abdullah, Al Hamlawi
  • Reporting Methodology for the Proportion of Students with Disabilities at Ontario Post-Secondary Institutions, Brittany Gottvald
  • A Catch Twenty-Two: Mother's Experiences with Formal and Informal Supports in the Community after Domestic Violence, Carol Lopez Ricote
  • Negotiating Conflicting Understandings of Intimate Relationships, Chriselle Vaz
  • Orphan Drugs in Canada and the Effect of Patent Expiration on Prices, Daley Thomsen
  • China’s Rise: Assessing the Security Dilemma in East Asia Eric Lim
  • Effects of Electoral Malpractice on Regime Stability, Eric Lim
  • Qeya - Tracing Time Through Pots, Harriet Jopling
  • The effect of music listening on implicit racial attitudes, Nicholas Ballarin
  • Undergraduate Students' Attitude-Behaviour Consistencies towards Rape Myths, Rachel Cheung
  • Underscoring the Importance of Adequate Nutrition: Exploring Food (In)security Initiatives and the Policy Process at the Municipal-level in Canada, Sabrina Campanella
  • Analysis of Macrobotanical Remains from Classic Maya Sites of Budsiljá and Sak T'zi', Sarah Watson
  • Understanding barriers in accessing mental health services within the Sri Lankan Tamil Diasporic Community in the GTA, Shangaari Kanesalinkam
  • Cognitive vs. Chronological Age as Barriers to Using Wearable Activity Monitors in Older Adults, Shiva Gheblehverdi
  • “We’re going to hold them accountable”: Explaining Attrition Among Black Students in Undergraduate STEM Programs, Tianna Follwell