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Graduate Studies

Your responsibilities as a graduate student

In its commitment to helping students achieve their academic goals, McMaster University makes available numerous tools and resources, including the Graduate Calendar. However, students must assume certain responsibilities.

Enrolment confirmation: At the start of each academic year, you must confirm enrolment details before accessing the student centre. This confirmation  includes both citizenship and program of study. Any errors should be reported to your program office.

  1. Confirm your citizenship in Mosaic.
  2. Confirm your program of study in Mosaic.

After confirming these details, you can select courses and access other services in the student centre.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Meeting admission requirements for a program and applying by the stated deadline.
  • Selecting courses that meet the program requirements. To be fully enrolled as a graduate student, you must enrol in at least one course in all three terms. If you are not taking an academic course in a term, you must add a placeholder course. Placeholder courses include:
    • SGS 700 – For students who pay fees on a term-by-term basis.
    • SGS 711 – For students who pay fees on course-costed basis.
  • Failure to enrol by the start of term may jeopardise the on-time payment of scholarships, pay and other bursaries.
  • Completing courses in an order that meets prerequisite requirements.
  • Becoming familiar with – and respecting – sessional dates, general academic regulations (see General Academic Regulations section of the Calendar) and the program/plan-specific regulations as found in the appropriate section of the Calendar.
  • Maintaining continuous registration until you graduate or withdraw from the program. If you fail to register, you will be withdrawn from the program.
  • Become familiar with and respect the Senate Policies.
  • Pay fees within the prescribed deadline.
  • Be aware that changes to academic load and program/plan may affect eligibility for government financial aid (e.g. OSAP and out-of-province loan programs), University financial aid (e.g. bursaries and work programs) and scholarships.
  • Consult with the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) in a timely manner to make the necessary accommodations for special needs

Failing to follow these guidelines often results in academic consequences, such as:

  • your registration in courses will be cancelled;
  • you may complete courses that are not counted towards your degree;
  • your graduation may be delayed.