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Graduate Studies

Tuition, Fees and Scholarships

We want you to succeed in your graduate studies at McMaster. We provide funding to our graduate students so they can devote their time and energy to the successful completion of their studies. Doctoral students who meet the criteria under Section 4 in the Graduate Calendar, receive financial support which meets or exceeds an annual minimum value equal to full-time tuition plus $17,500. As well, the majority of Masters students in research-degree programs receive substantial funding packages.

Change in status: If your status as a student changes – you graduate, take a leave of absence, withdraw from the program – your eligibility for bursaries, academic grants, travel awards, and scholarships may be affected.

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Tuition Tuition for grad students

Tuition fees are assessed on a term-by-term basis. Visit the Registrar’s website for the cost of tuition.

Supplementary fees Supplementary fees for grad students

Supplementary fees are charged in addition to your tuition. These fees help support the campus-wide services.

User fees User fees for grad students

User fees are in effect, and are over and above assessed academic fees, supplementary fees, residence fees and meal plans fees.

Scholarships Learn More

Our graduate scholarships database includes:

  • internal awards
  • government funding
  • external agency/foundation funding
  • prestigious awards
  • postdoctoral fellowships