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Science on Tap Hamilton (Renewal)

A public outreach event full of scientific discussion, trivia, and beer!

Science on tap

With our Science on Tap project, we will host three more science outreach events which will be open to the public. These events will connect adults from the Hamilton area with working scientists from McMaster University in a casual setting.

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The objective of these events is to provide an opportunity for members of the public to learn about the science that is being studied in their neighbourhood in an entertaining and engaging way, and to allow McMaster scientists to interact with an audience that does not have a formal educational background in science.

At each event we will have three presentations from different scientists, a panel of graduate students, trivia, and live demonstrations. There will also be time in between presentations for people to talk to scientists one-on-one. There are prizes available for trivia winners.

Planning the events requires finding scientists who are available to speak at the event, a graduate student MC, graduate students for the panel, advertising, which includes creating posters, creating periphery content such as live demonstrations, trivia, and the Science in the News segment. Planning begins two months before the event is scheduled to begin. Often, we must book the date at the venue well before that.

Joey Rucska (lead organizer, PhD physics & astronomy)

Adam Fortais (organizer, treasurer, PhD physics & astronomy)

Ben Pearce (organizer, content creation, PhD physics & astronomy)

Ashley Bemis (organizer, content creation, PhD physics & astronomy)

Carmen Lee (organizer, content creation, PhD physics & astronomy)

Thanassis Psaltis (organizer, content creation, PhD physics & astronomy)

Our main improvement from this year’s events that we expect is for us to approach an attendance of 100+ for our next three events with the more diligent advertising scheme we have in mind, which would involve a more aggressive distribution of posters and posting in the community event calendars. We will be sure to include live demonstrations at every event going forward. These demos have been excellent sources of audience engagement.

  • We would like to have three events:
    July 2019
    November 2019
    March 2020

At about two months prior to each event, we begin planning by trying to find speakers, and then start designing trivia, etc.