Faculty of Humanities

Classics is the study of the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean, especially Greece and Rome, and as such it embraces a number of disciplines, including history, archaeology, philosophy, and...

Cognitive Science of Language

Faculty of Humanities

The discipline combines expertise in psycholinguistics, core linguistics, cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience and corpus linguistics to investigate the connection between language structure...

Communication and New Media

Faculty of Humanities

Communication and New Media is an interdisciplinary field that examines the interplay between media, culture, and technology. It brings together communication and media research with research...

Communications Management

Faculty of Humanities

Theory, research and application of communication management drawing on Communications, Public Relations, Journalism and Business Studies, in combination with a range of other Humanities and Social...

Cultural Studies and Critical Theory

Faculty of Humanities

The Cultural Studies and Critical Theory MA allows students to engage the heterogeneous body of theories and practices associated with cultural studies and critical theory in the critical...


Faculty of Humanities

English Studies involves the historical and analytical study of literatures and cultures produced in English throughout the world – British, North American and Postcolonial – as well as the study of...


Faculty of Humanities

Espaces littéraires et culturels français et francophones; langue et discours; interdisciplinarité et intermédialité.

Gender Studies and Feminist Research

Faculty of Humanities

Gender Studies and Feminist Research are jointly dedicated to taking up gender as a category of advanced analysis in its intersections with race, ethnicity, class, ability/disability, age, sexuality...

Health Policy


Health Policy is an interdisciplinary field that investigates how health policy is made, what it is, what it might become, and its impact. The implementation of Health Policy within a society...


Faculty of Humanities

History is the study of change and continuity in human communities over time.


Faculty of Humanities

Philosophy is used to clarify and interpret important concepts such as truth, God, mortality, beauty, knowledge and reality. These concepts play an important role in our self-understanding and our...